• Proposition

    AIDTracker is an enterprise performance monitoring tool created in Salesforce by another vendor that experienced serious architectural and data management issues. This system struggled to be incorporated by USAID missions due to issues with the way it had been implemented and how the processes were defined for the system.

  • Solution

    Insight assumed responsibility for the system in order to provide a technical strategy, leadership, project management, business process analysis, configuration and data management support for United States Agency for International Development’s AID tracker + system (AT+). Insight successfully implemented processes for the collection and maintenance of the data and systematically implemented those changes. The new processes corrected existing data issues and significantly improved the value of the data for the missions and the Agency as a whole. Insight also provides quality training and superior support to the end users both virtually and in country.

  • Results

    USAID was able to turn around the negative perception of the system by implementing new system processes, training and key changes that improve the quality and reliability of the data. Missions now request to use the current version of the system.



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