Websites are not just about slapping together web pages with random content. They must be planned, designed and implemented with your goals and audience in mind so that they are effective. Insight takes the time to understand your business need so that your organization’s message is heard by the right people!

Let Insight’s team of Information Architects, Business Analysts, Designers, and Developers work with your organization to drive business value via the web!

Web Application Development

We customize your message into an effective web presence!

Here’s the problem with one-size-fits-all web applications: Unique companies have unique needs. Unless your development team truly understands the distinct goals and strategies of your business, any web presence they build will be largely ineffective. To put it simply, custom web development can be a waste of time and money — if you don’t have Insight.

From world wide data collection and collaboration systems to financial account access web portals, Insight delivers strategic, effective web solutions that consistently exceed client expectations.  Our analysts and developers take the time to thoroughly understand your specific business needs. From there, we use empirical studies and best practices to focus on these areas: Site Presentation and Usability, Information Architecture, Management of Content, Web 2.0 Features, Symantec Web (Web 3.0) and Security.

Information Architecture

Insight architect’s your information to make it easily accessible!

Do your sites/systems reflect the way information moves through your organization? Are the right people able to find the right information? Do your user interfaces make these activities straightforward and intuitive? Does the flow of your application match the flow of your business process?

A clear, logical information architecture can often be the difference between failure and success. Let Insight’s team of experienced information architects help. Insight offers a range of Information Architecture consulting services that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Model the flow of information through your organization to understand how your teams work.
  • Create logical, intuitive, user-friendly user interfaces to help your users utilize your systems in ways that support their purpose.
  • Create a library of User Interface tropes you can use to provide clear, consistent communication to your users working with information across all your applications.

Insight can also help you improve your existing systems:

  • Audit your systems to identify information flow bottlenecks and target areas for information architecture and user interface re-design.
  • Develop strategies for retro-fitting Web 2.0 and Symantec web enabled technologies to your legacy systems, enabling your users to move information through your systems in paradigms consistent with the way people live and work today!

Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Manage your web information easily with Insight!

The huge range of Content Management Solutions (CMS) choices can be dizzying. From vendors, to hosting providers, to configuration options, to security, it is not always clear what makes the most sense for your business. Let Insight’s team of professionals create a CMS solution that enhances the running of your operations. Insight can work with your organization to understand your business and communications strategies to engineer a CSM system aligned approach.  We analyze and select appropriate vendors and products for your needs, put together the right hosting solution, create templates, images, and other branding to help fully realize your organization’s online identity and train your staff on how to get the most from your new CMS system.


From providing needs analysis to finding business and technical solutions that benefit your organization, Insight can help your organization grow and thrive!

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