Let Insight work with your organization to maximize your knowledge and learning potential. At Insight, we believe that knowledge management is critical to the success of an organization. Your organization’s information and knowledge are core assets which can be harnessed to provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We will evaluate your organization’s information and communication methods and tools to identify the optimal methods for capturing, sharing and utilizing information effectively. Insight does not believe that technology is a means to an end. However, if tools are required to help your organization with its business processes, Insight has the skills to evaluate or even create a solution that fits your organization’s needs.

Facilitate Knowledge Sharing

Insight can help your organization put knowledge building blocks in place!

Insight believes that knowledge sharing within an organization is the key to its success! Each person is a knowledge building block in which corporate information grows. Through sharing information, your company will expand its knowledge and its sphere of impact.

Insight utilizes several strategies and tools to facilitate knowledge sharing in your organization. The first step is to understand your business, the types of information it possesses, who holds the information and who needs the information. From this foundation, Insight works with your organization to determine the most effective and efficient mechanisms to conveying the right knowledge quickly to the right people.

We provide a knowledge sharing action plan for your organization and work with you to bring it to fruition by implementing and training staff on defined processes and tools. Insight implements knowledge sharing tools such as document and content management, governance, defined taxonomy, training, communities of practice and forums, intranet(s), social media and collaboration tools. We select the tools that work for your organization and train you how to continually update them and keep knowledge flowing.

Learning and Collaboration

Collaborate and learn the way to success!

Continuous learning is a critical piece of Knowledge Management.  One way to continuously learn is to collaborate with colleagues and partners.  These interactions build knowledge and the platform from which people work.

Insight works with organizations to set up a framework in which your organization objectives can be targeted into any prescriptive solution.  We are especially attentive to how existing organizational cultures impact change, and the need to align business processes and operational behaviors to an implemented solution. We utilize this knowledge when implementing processes and tools (such as intranet, social media, etc.) to promote learning for your organization.

In addition, Insight uses a myriad of its services to help facilitate this change within your organization including Business Analysis, Training, Custom or Web Application Development, Data Analytics, Reporting and Data Visualization.

Document Management

Organize your documentation for efficient and effective use!

Don’t get inundated with useless information that will weigh your company down.  In addition to the design and development of databases and information systems, Insight provides support for data management and data governance by assessing your organization’s needs and providing a framework in which data is stored and utilized.  This framework takes into account organizational needs and processes and provides a common taxonomy and governance for use in the categorization and recovery of pertinent information.

Insight improves the categorization of data to increase data awareness and access, and to expand the applied use of data geographical information systems, data visualizations, chronology timelines, and data dashboards.  Insight analyzes the data, including creating data visualizations, to clearly illustrate the reach and impact of the organization. This process also includes a feedback loop back into your organizations processes and strategies.


From providing needs analysis to finding business and technical solutions that benefit your organization, Insight can help your organization grow and thrive!

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