Insight has the unique ability to integrate and learn your business quickly and efficiently. Our clients are impressed with our knowledge in areas such as Food Security, Global Health, Financial Management, Performance Management, Security, Monitoring and Evaluation and more. Insight’s work has led it to command particular strength in these arenas.

Insight’s staff strive to learn and gain additional capabilities and expertise which continually enhances the services Insight provides. In addition, Insight has partnerships with credible reliable organizations in a number of specialized areas which can be utilized to provide subject matter experts for virtually any project.

Food Security

Lay the first seed toward systematic food security!

Lack of food security is a global epidemic founded by a myriad of issues. Insight is aware of the complex pieces of the puzzle that lead to a lack of accessible nutritious food for people around the world. We pride ourselves on the ability to assess problems and address them head on through technical expertise, knowledge management, training and collaboration. Some of the services that Insight provides in the food security area are as follows:

  • Enhance learning communities that facilitate increased effectiveness of food security, market systems and mobilizing private capital
  • Support knowledge generation, curation and training; communications and knowledge dissemination; and assessing and learning for the food security agenda.
  • Provide content and high level technical information on soil and seed systems.
  • Deliver food security expertise in blogs, webinars, social media and video content.
  • Support training teams in the instructional design, delivery and management of in-person and online training courses for organizations on the Agricultural Enabling Environment, Climate Smart Agriculture, Local Solutions and Agricultural Policy.

Let Insight help your organization improve food security around the world.

Global Health

Insight has the right pulse on Global Health.

The Insight team believes that Global Health is important work to our worldwide community. This is why Insight strives to provide quality analysis and solutions for multiple international health clients through expertise in data analysis, information systems, web content, website development, and communications support. Insight regularly provides strategic and efficient solutions for health by working in partnership with our clients, their implementing partners and patients around the world. The Insight team has global health expertise in family planning and reproductive health, nutrition, maternal child health, malaria, HIV/AIDS & TB. Some of the key areas of core competence are as follows:


  • Designs frameworks and processes to systematically review literature on high impact health practices.
  • Monitors and evaluates health indicators on USG funded health programs worldwide.
  • Creates systems that develop and tracks health indicator and programmatic data for USG funded projects.

Web and Communications

  • Creating and updating web content and tracking analytics to demonstrate impact and reach.
  • Designing publications, factsheets and other print materials that clearly conveys stories, information and ideas.
  • Disseminate information and advances through e-newsletters and social media platforms.

Information Systems

  • Designing and maintaining health research information tracking systems to collect data on clinical trials around the world.
  • Developing and maintaining mentorship web-application to be more efficient in registering participants into the mentoring program.
  • Developing and maintaining a web based information management system to assist the USG in administering special reserve funds.
  • Maintaining web based information and file sharing portal for USAID and USAID Missions.

Let Insight help your organization improve health systems around the world!

Financial Management

Let Insight provide the missing piece to your financial puzzle.

At Insight, we understand the challenges of building and maintaining financial and budget information systems. We know systems must offer more than simple reporting and compliance to provide value to business stakeholders. They must be intelligently designed, reflecting both business or regulatory understanding and technical expertise.

Insight has extensive experience helping the government and financial organizations obtain automated, timely, reliable, and complete financial management information for decision making at all levels of your organization. This provides greater transparency, actionable information and more efficient sharing of your organization’s financial information. Our goal is to provide for “one-time” data entry and reuse of transaction data to support downstream integration, interfacing, or business and reporting requirements.

Security is always a critical concern when dealing with financial information. This is why Insight works with your organization to build security, internal controls and accountability into your processes as well as any system that is built to ensure effectiveness and reliability of any solution.

Performance Management

Use evidence based decisions to manage your organization’s performance!

Insight Systems has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting organizational performance management. Our core related capabilities are centered on providing business process analysis, system design, data management, data analysis, and operational support services related to the collection, management, and analysis of performance management data. We have been intimately involved in providing performance monitoring support to Program Cycle frameworks, which are designed to link sector development strategies to country level outcomes.

The Program Cycle includes the capability to track progress towards achieving targeted outcomes through the use of performance indicators to identify and address operational deficiencies and to verify and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our analysis and design approaches emphasize maintaining the availability of relevant, high-quality, and timely performance data to support adaptive learning and decision-making and to replicate and scale the most promising practices based upon proven evidence of successful outcomes.

Our business process analysis approach includes organizational change management to support the standardization of indicator definitions and business processes for collecting and managing indicator results in order to ensure data is compatible for trend analysis and data aggregation. Our system design approach emphasizes an incremental approach to building organizational capacity through the availability and use of high-quality performance data, databases, and analytical tools. Our operational support approach emphasizes the use of training and feedback loops to continuously improve performance management practices and drive organizational learning and improved decision making as a result of data analysis and adaptive management approaches.


Have the confidence that your information is protected!

At Insight, we take security very seriously! Security is so important in today’s environment to protect data that is collected and reported on. Insight evaluates your security posture and helps to build security, through internal controls and accountability, into your processes as well as system architecture and implementation to ensure effectiveness and reliability of any solution.

Insight instills a culture of governance, processes and technical implementation to ensure that your information is secure. We work with your organization to define process and architecture to protect your organization. Insight trains your staff how to maintain security controls put in place to provide confidence in the systems and data that your organization is using.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Optimize your M&E initiatives to improve overall outcomes!

Are you tired of not getting the information you need to make good decisions for your programs? Is the collection of your Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) data cumbersome and confusing? Is the information you receive not beneficial to your work? If so, you need Insight!

Insight works with your organization to understand its M&E goals to provide comprehensive solution frameworks that are designed to collect and provide the information you need. Insight understands that M&E goals morph over time and structures your program to take this into account. Areas of support include:

  • Setting up your M&E framework to optimize organization/program results.
  • Mapping of changed indicator data
  • Data management of your M&E process to ensure clean, correct information is being provided
  • Data visualization and reporting of M&E Outcomes that drive programmatic responses
  • Training and Support of M&E process


From providing needs analysis to finding business and technical solutions that benefit your organization, Insight can help your organization grow and thrive!

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