Insight understands that surveying is a strategic tool that can provide insight to key questions or issues for organizations. This information can help an organization learn and grow from the information it gathers. Insight's survey experience can help your organization gather and analyze the information required to obtain its goals.

To create, conduct and produce valuable results for your organization, Insight has a five step process that includes:

  • Setting Goals — Insight works with your organization to identify and define the key goals the organization hopes to address.
  • Analysis — Insight then analyzes the goals to help identify the target population and key questions to be addressed for the survey to obtain the goals set.
  • Design — Insight designs the survey and contact letter to produce optimal participations and feedback by addressing
    • Question types — qualitative vs. quantitative
    • Type of survey — Phone, e-mail, online, paper
    • Structure and layout of the questions such as required fields, dependencies and more.
  • Collection — Insight collects, categorizes and organizes the results.
  • Analysis and Recommendations — Insight reviews and analyzes the results to provide your organization a comprehensive summary and analysis of the survey results.

Let Insight help your organization with its survey needs.