Financial Systems

Do your financial tracking and reporting systems give you a clear picture of your organization's financial situation? Do your reports provide timely, actionable and audience appropriate information? Does your data entry process support the way you run your business?

At Insight, we understand the challenges of building and maintaining financial and budget information systems. We know systems must offer more than simple reporting and compliance to provide value to business stakeholders. They must be intelligently designed, reflecting both technical expertise and business or regulatory understanding.

Look to Insight for solutions that can help you:

  • Automate the management, dissemination, tracking and reporting of funds
  • Provide decision tracking and reporting from conception through funding
  • Provide timely, reliable, and complete financial management information for decision making at all levels of your organization
  • Meet downstream information and reporting requirements with transaction processing data linked to transaction engines
  • Facilitate standard information integration and electronic data transfer to and from other internal, Government-wide, or private-sector processing environments
  • Provide for "one-time" data entry and reuse of transaction data to support downstream integration, interfacing, or business and reporting requirements
  • Build security, internal controls, and accountability into processes and provide an audit trail
  • Meet the need for greater transparency and more efficient sharing of information